Werbung (Advertising): Last Chance for 20% off Excel and Power BI Dashboard courses


„59% of organizations expect to increase the number of positions requiring data analysis skills over the next five years.“

Society for Human Resource Management


Don’t get left behind! There’s no denying that dashboard and data visualization skills are already in demand for Excel users everywhere.

That’s why last week I told you about the fantastic Excel Dashboard and Power BI courses that Microsoft Excel MVP, Mynda Treacy, has put together over at My Online Training Hub.

I just wanted to remind you that the 20% early bird discount ends Thursday, Aug 16, at 8pm in Los Angeles to be exact.

Click here to find out more about the Excel Dashboard course

Click here to find out more about the Power BI course

*Tip for aspiring Dashboard masters: you can get both the Excel Dashboard and Power BI courses in a discounted bundle from the Power BI course page.

Free Webinars

Not sure which course? Well, if you’re quick you can still catch the free webinars and see both tools in action:

Here’s what Ted said about Mynda’s Excel Dashboard webinar:


„Wow, Wow and more Wows.
I have been using spreadsheets since 1982 starting with VisiCalc. Since 2002, I have taught 7 Excel one day classes that I developed myself. I call myself an Excel junkie. If I don’t get 4 to 5 hours of Excel a day, I get the shakes. Well, you have really shaken my tree.“


Here’s what Gord said about Mynda’s Power BI webinar:


„Holy (insert expletive)! Relational data handling of MS Access plus graphing capabilities of Excel plus much, much more. That was amazing. Thank you Mynda for yet another informative eye-opener. Truly appreciative of your efforts.“


Excel vs Power BI Dashboards

Mynda also put this list of Pros and Cons together to help you decide whether Excel or Power BI is the right tool for your needs:


Excel Dashboards are for:

Dashboard skills are in demand for Excel users everywhere and they can be very good for your career. Just read what one of Mynda’s students had to say:

„After taking your current dashboard course I designed a couple of dashboards / functioning prototypes and sent them to the Executive Group by way of shameless self promotion.

Long story short, I got a new position out of it! – Fraser McKay“


Mynda’s Excel Dashboard course will have you standing out from the crowd in no time, just like Fraser, with the skills to build interactive reports like this sophisticated Sales and Marketing dashboard:


Power BI is for:

Power BI is for the Excel user who is ready for more. More features, because Power BI Dashboards can do things you simply can’t do in Excel, and more skills to add to your resume.

Thousands of people attended Mynda’s Power BI webinars where she built these two fully interactive dashboards in just one hour:


And many have already joined her course and are on their way to wowing their boss and co-workers with this amazing tool.

The 20% early bird discount on Mynda’s online Power BI course ends Thursday, Aug 16 at 8pm in Los Angeles time, so don’t miss out.

Course Format

Mynda knows you don’t have a lot of time to fit training in around busy workloads, so her tutorials are short and to the point so you’re up to speed quickly. The courses are:

  • Online and self-paced – available 24/7
  • Video download options available
  • Includes certificate of completion
  • Support provided by Mynda
  • Excel/Power BI files included

Sign up today before the 20% discount ends on Aug 16:

Click here to sign up for the Excel Dashboard course

Click here to sign up for the Power BI course


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