Werbung (Advertising): Last Chance to get 20% off Power BI Course

Last week I was excited to introduce you to Power BI, Microsoft’s new Dashboard Reporting tool with an invitation to attend a free webinar by Microsoft Excel MVP, Mynda Treacy.

Power BI is for the Excel user who is ready for more. More features, because Power BI Dashboards can do things you simply can’t do in Excel, and more skills to add to your resume.

Thousands of people attended Mynda’s Power BI webinars where she built these two fully interactive dashboards in just one hour:


And many have already joined her course and are on their way to wowing their boss and co-workers with this amazing free tool.

The 20% early bird discount on Mynda’s online Power BI course ends Thursday, Aug 16 at 8pm in Los Angeles time, so don’t miss out.

Who is the course for?

If you’re not sure whether Power BI is for you then please take a few minutes to click here and check out the course page where you can:

  • Try out a live Power BI dashboard
  • Watch Mynda build a fully interactive dashboard in under 12 minutes
  • Learn what makes this tool the next skill Excel users should be adding to their resume
  • Find out where to get Power BI and
  • Use the decision tree to figure out which course components you’ll need

Or, if you have an hour to spare you can catch the webinar replay here.

If you’ve seen Mynda’s Power BI webinar then you’ll know how amazing Power BI is and having these skills will transform how your company reports and consumes data. Being the one who produces the Power BI reports will be pivotal in your career.


What people are saying about Power BI

Mynda had some folks road test her new course and here’s what Joe had to say about Power BI:

„I’ve wanted to get into Power BI, but wasn’t convinced that it is the right tool for the job in hand, perhaps due to not seeing enough of what it can actually do, and mainly having lack of time for learning about it. Mynda has brought it all together and showed me that yes, this is the tool for the job. After seeing its practicality and real life application my jaw almost fell with amazement and excitement at the same time.“



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