Werbung (Advertising): The latest ‚must have skill‘ for Excel users

As an Excel user you’ve probably created the occasional report. You may even regularly create Excel Dashboard reports.

After all, Dashboards are the current ‚must have skill‘ for Excel users. However, if you’ve used Excel to build dashboards then you probably wish they could do more.

For example, if you wish you could:

  • Click on a chart and drill down to see more details
  • Apply filters to your dashboards by clicking on a chart element and have all charts filter or highlight the selected item
  • Click play and see an animation of your data over time


  • Create one dashboard and then send it to all of your regional/department managers and have it automatically filter so they only see their data
  • Get real-time updates of your reports on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Come into work in the mornings knowing that your reports have already been automatically refreshed
  • Easily share your dashboards with your colleagues and have them accessible on any device

Then Microsoft’s new Power BI Dashboard tool is for you. It can do all of those things plus more, and it’s drag and drop easy!


Start using Power BI Today

Microsoft Excel MVP, Mynda Treacy demonstrated the awesomeness of Power BI in some webinars and you can catch a replay here.

And if you’re interested in getting up to speed with Power BI fast then check out Mynda’s online Power BI course. Registration closes Aug 23, so don’t miss out.

As an Excel user herself, Mynda aims the course at helping fellow Excel users make the transition to Power BI. She knows you don’t have time to waste so she doesn’t ramble on. Her video tutorials are to the point so you’re up to speed quickly.

Not ready for all that Power

Alternatively if you’re not ready for all that Power then start with Excel Dashboards. You can do some amazing things with regular Excel, and you may already have most of the skills required and just need me to show you how to pull them together to create something amazing.

Registration for both courses close Aug 23, so don’t miss out.



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